Today's demanding and complex global arena requires fast responses. That's why we built a fast product.

Why Senfoni?
A proven partner, works side by side with you


Alyways use the latest version

Most management systems including ERP aren’t built to save you time, not even the ones in the cloud. Maintenance and upgrades are time-consuming and costly. Imagine the situation when you got the latest upgrades and features without hassle.

Imagine when innovation and automation helped you run your business with best performance. That’s what Senfoni makes.


See the complete picture

Since you’re running a business where project results determine how successful your customers and the business, this requires you to manage the entire project delivery mechanism successfully.

Sales, finance and operational data. With other vendors, data is still splitted and fragmented. Only Senfoni brings everything into one unified core.


Adapt to changes easily

Change is inevitable. Unwieldy, inflexible technologies make it impossible to keep up. Without any coding needed, Senfoni's adaptive framework allows you to modify and set up regarding to your business needs whenever you need to.

Our Technology
A platform that's driven by innovation

Senfoni’s unique process-based framework provides adaptability, businesses alignment and guidance. This approach is improving the efficiency of teams and encouraging proactive collaboration and customer satisfaction.

Continuous improvementas one community

All our clients use the same version of Senfoni. Therefore whenever a new feature set developed for one, everyone benefits.

It's always easy to ask for a new feature request about Senfoni. Once we decide the feature request will have an important impact to our product, we develop even without asking for additonal fee.

That's why every client of our community is also acts as our business partner.

Devised to improve with you

We designed Senfoni to be easily adapted to change without huge fundamental updates or forcing you to buy a new version.

Since operational disruption is the barrier to innovation, we know version updates and maintenances must not cause disruption to our clients at all.

At Senfoni, we believe updates should happen so easily and quickly that it doesnt't disrupt your business.

The continuous development and our delivery pipeline which delivers the latest features to our customers act as a key role on our strategy.

Senfoni Business Framework

Our flexible and smart business framework lets you configure how processes work. Senfoni combines analytics and transactions, so you can get instant insights when you need.

Object Models

We use objects to model Senfoni attributes,entities and relationships, that are key for adaptability.

Objects can be customized to match your needs. Without relying on the underlying technology, software developers can focus on base functionality.

You focus on working, we focus on innovating

Time passes and business doesn't stop moving. And we don't stop as well.

That's why our solution can evolve and adjust along rapid business needs. Where other systems are inflexible and difficult to maintain, Senfoni is flexible, with options built in out of the box.

At Senfoni, being innovative is always be a part of our approach. We believe, with creative thinking problems can be solved differently and strategically.

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