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Manage & Organize Resources

Create tasks & subtasks to break down your workload and assign to team members.


Split your big challenges into smaller parts.

Streamline your daily to-do list with Senfoni and connect your team to collaborate.


Manage Tasks & Todo Lists Easily

Create new tasks or a to do item in seconds, assign to a team, set deadlines and followers easily.

Quickly see all tasks assigned to you, work on them and set as complete with one click.

View tasks grouped by project and task lists, responsible, due date and more.

Increase Team Collaboration

Increase the teams collaboration and interactivity by Senfoni's efficient task and collaboration tools.

Get instant notifications about daily tasks and to do items with push notifications and e-mails.

Invite any team member and assing appropriate role, track & log time either by chronometer or by time records.


Manage Instant Tasks

See who is dealing with what, who is busy or who has more available time instantly. Manage and optimize team resources directly with Senfoni.

Ensure projects have enough resources to meet the deadlines, and set right priorities for successful project outputs.

Track Every Spent Minute

Track every billable or non-billable minute about the tasks and to do lists, log spent time automatically to timesheets with timer.

Leave timer open on your workspace, therefore keep an eye on task progress and make sure you stay on schedule.

Easily keep your team on track with Senfoni timer app.


Other Senfoni Features Helps Managing Tasks

  • Customizable notifications about task status
  • Integration between task timer and timesheet
  • Task completion approval
  • Employee overtime log detail
  • Sub tasks and task list structure

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Senfoni includes different modules to suit your needs.

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Time Tracking

Track the time that you spent for your clients.

Project Management

Manage real time costs, profit and billing of projects.

Expense Management

Manage expenses, associate with projects and clients.

Invoicing & WIP

Calculate billable amounts easily, invoice with one click.


Analyse your business easily with flexible smart reporting tools.

Keep Work From Anywhere With Our Remote Work Software

Easily manage your remote team's workloads with better visibility on tasks and todo lists. No matter where you’re working from, Senfoni is an all-in-one remote working tool that gives you everything you need to make your tasks completed.

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