Goodworks success story


  • Industry: Public Relations
  • Location: İstanbul
  • Number Of Employee : 15+
Goodworks Success Story

The Story Of Goodworks

Established in 2015, GoodWorks is an agency which operates in the fields of communication consultancy and public relations.

We are providing communication consultancy services to companies operating in industries such as health services, finance, retailing and technology. With our 25-strong team of professionals, we provide support our 20-plus customers with management of their public relations, communication and marketing activities, tailored to their target audiences, and we always respect nature, and all living things while carrying out our activities.

Senfoni enabled us to see our losing customers and act upon them.

Ergun Gümrah, GoodWorks Agency PresIdent

What Were the Challenges and Problems You Encountered Regarding Your Work?

Communication consultancy is a service which is difficult to measure. Considering that we mostly provide this service to profit-oriented organizations, it was almost a full-time job to be able to reap the true value of service across these organizations.

The inability to measure time spent for a service which is completely provided on an hour basis made it difficult for us to correctly charge our customers for these efforts.

We realized that we were having problems in terms of managing our expenses and measuring our company efficiency and sustainability, which prompted us to look for a solution which would improve these professional processes. We could see that Senfoni easily catered to all of these needs.

In What Ways Did Senfoni Contribute to Your Business?

All of our personnel can use Senfoni's user-friendly timeline to register their work hours daily. Thanks to our personnel correctly registering their work times, we can quickly pick customers which lose us money and take required action.

With only one click we can easily analyze the profitability of each customer. Therefore we can present these data transparently to our customers in our annual meetings with them or when making a contract, so we are able to sustain our profitability.

We use budgeting and expense models to enter our annual income and expense forecasts into Senfoni, which then enable us to track our income and expense items in real time.

The ability to see the hours put into each customer project considerably increased our agency's efficiency in terms of easily tracking project-based income and expenses and clarifying our profit and loss chart.

GoodWorks saved time and money by using Senfoni. You can save too.

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